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Turkic states

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Title: Turkic states  
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Subject: Sakha Republic, Trabzon, Gazi University, Book of Dede Korkut, Turkey, Presidential Seal of Turkey
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Turkic states

The following is an incomplete list of historical dynasties which had Turkic origins or the country they ruled were Turkic-speaking. The list also includes modern countries with significant Turkic populations or with an official Turkic language. The Turkic peoples have established at least 116 states, khaganates, beyliks, empires, nomadic empires and sultanates in history up to today.[1]

Current states

Independent states

De facto state

This republic is recognized only by Turkey and the Autonomous Republic of Nakhichevan in Azerbaijan.

Federal subjects of Russia

Autonomous regions

Historical confederation of tribes and Turkic dynasties and dynasties with Turkic origin



Arabian peninsula

Indian subcontinent

Direct Turkic dynasties

Persianate or Turko-Persian states

Main article: Persianate society

Some Turko-Persian states were founded in Greater Iran.[25]

Iranian dynasties that have Turkic origins

Former and defunct Turkic governments

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