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Palaemon (genus)

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Title: Palaemon (genus)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Palaemon, Sepia latimanus, Palaemonetes, Palaemonidae, Palaemon affinis, Palaemon serratus, List of prehistoric malacostracans
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Palaemon (genus)

Palaemon pacificus
Palaemon elegans
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Crustacea
Class: Malacostraca
Order: Decapoda
Family: Palaemonidae
Genus: Palaemon
Weber, 1795
Type species
Palaemon adspersus
Rathke, 1837 [1]

Palaemon is a genus of caridean shrimp of the family Palaemonidae.

The genus contains the following species:[1]

  • Palaemon adspersus Rathke, 1837
  • Palaemon affinis H. Milne-Edwards, 1837
  • Palaemon capensis (De Man in M. Weber, 1897)
  • Palaemon concinnus (mangrove prawn) Dana, 1852
  • Palaemon curvirostris Nguyên, 1992
  • Palaemon debilis Dana, 1852
  • Palaemon dolospinus Walker & Poore, 2003
  • Palaemon elegans (rockpool prawn) Rathke, 1837
  • Palaemon floridanus (Florida grass shrimp) Chace, 1942
  • Palaemon gladiator Holthuis, 1950
  • Palaemon gracilis (Smith, 1871)
  • Palaemon gravieri (Yu, 1930)
  • Palaemon guangdongensis Liu, Liang & Yan, 1990
  • Palaemon hancocki Holthuis, 1950
  • Palaemon intermedius (Stimpson, 1860)
  • Palaemon khori De Grave & Al-Maslamani, 2006
  • Palaemon litoreus (McCulloch, 1909)
  • Palaemon longirostris H. Milne-Edwards, 1837
  • Palaemon macrodactylus Rathbun, 1902
  • Palaemon maculatus (Thallwitz, 1892)
  • Palaemon miyadii (Kubo, 1938)
  • Palaemon northropi (Rankin, 1898)
  • Palaemon ogasawaraensis Kato & Takeda, 1981
  • Palaemon ortmanni Rathbun, 1902
  • Palaemon pacificus (Stimpson, 1860)
  • Palaemon paivai Fausto Filho, 1967
  • Palaemon pandaliformis (Stimpson, 1871)
  • Palaemon paucidens De Haan, 1844
  • Palaemon peringueyi (Stebbing, 1915)
  • Palaemon peruanus Holthuis, 1950
  • Palaemon powelli Ashelby & De Grave, 2009
  • Palaemon ritteri Holmes, 1895
  • Palaemon semmelinkii (De Man, 1881)
  • Palaemon serenus Heller, 1862
  • Palaemon serratus (Pennant, 1777)
  • Palaemon serrifer (Stimpson, 1860)
  • Palaemon sewelli (Kemp, 1925)
  • Palaemon tenuidactylus Liu, Liang & Yan, 1990
  • Palaemon vicinus Ashelby, 2009
  • Palaemon xiphias Risso, 1816
  • Palaemon yamashitai Fujino & Miyake, 1970

The conventional circumscription of the genus Palaemon is probably paraphyletic. Molecular data suggest that Palaemonetes, as well as the genera Exopalaemon and Couteriella, are nested within Palaemon. Phylogenetic affinities in these groups correspond better with geographical origin than conventional genus assignments.[2]


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