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Milk-cream strudel

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Title: Milk-cream strudel  
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Milk-cream strudel

Milk-cream strudel
Millirahmstrudel (milk-cream strudel)
Type Strudel
Place of origin Austria
Region or state Vienna
Main ingredients Strudel dough, cream, egg yolks, almonds, sugar, milk, egg whites, raisins
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The milk-cream strudel (Viennese: Millirahmstrudel, German: Milchrahmstrudel) is a traditional Viennese strudel. It is a popular pastry in Austria and in many countries in Europe that once belonged to the Austro-Hungarian empire (1867–1918). The milk-cream strudel is an oven-baked pastry dough stuffed with a sweet bread, raisin and cream filling and served in the pan with hot vanilla sauce.[1]


The first documented strudel recipe was a recipe of a milk-cream strudel (Millirahmstrudel) from 1696 in Vienna, a handwritten recipe at the Viennese City Library.[2][3] The Ottoman armies had brought the strudel to Vienna (see Siege of Vienna, 1529 and Battle of Vienna, 1683).

A Viennese legend says that Franz Stelzer (1842–1913), who owned a small inn in Breitenfurt near Vienna, was the inventor of the Millirahmstrudel.[4][5] In the story he became a very famous and rich man for that.


Besides the strudel dough the ingredients are: cream, egg yolks, blanched, ground almonds, sugar, 1 roll soaked in milk, 2 whites snow (stiffy beaten egg whites). Sprinkle with raisins and bake lightly. Then pour over sugared milk. Let it evaporate. Then bake in casserole.[6] Serve in the pan with hot vanilla sauce.

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