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One of the major brands of chrain, having the O-U kosher certification.
Gefilte fish with red chrain.
Chrain (Yiddish: כריין, khreyn - a Yiddish loanword from Ukranian chrain (horseradish) is a relish found in Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine. There are two common forms: White chrain consists of grated horseradish, vinegar, sugar and salt, while red chrain includes the addition of beetroot. Chrain is distinct from other horseradish-based condiments in that it contains no dairy products, making it acceptable at both meat and dairy meals according to Jewish dietary law.

The use of chrain in Eastern European Jewish communities is ancient, and is first attested in writing from the 12th century. Though it has had several historical uses, chrain is most commonly associated in modern times with gefilte fish, for which it is considered an essential condiment.[1]

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