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Beylik of Dulkadir

Dulkadirids / Dulkadiroğulları

Capital Elbistan
Languages Turkish
Religion Sunni Islam
Government Emirate
 •  1337 Zeyneddin Karaca Bey
 •  1522 Dulkadiroğlu Ali Bey
Historical era Late Medieval
 •  Established 1337
 •  Disestablished 1522

The Anatolian beylik of Dulkadir (Modern Turkish: Dulkadiroğulları Beyliği ), was one of the frontier principalities established by the Oghuz, Qizilbash clans Bayat, Afshar and Begdili after the decline of Seljuk Sultanate of Rûm.


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The capitals of the beylik were located around the town of Elbistan in Kahramanmaraş Province of Turkey in different eras.

As a buffer state

For a while, the Beylik of Dulkadiroğulları had an influence extending from Kırşehir to Mosul, but with the rise of the Ottomans, they became a buffer state between the Ottomans and the Mameluks of Egypt. They became part of the Ottoman Empire in early 16th century. Until the mid-19th century, the region centered on the town of Elbistan in Kahramanmaraş Province of Turkey was often referred to as Dulkadiroğulları (or Zulkadriyye ) State in Ottoman documents.

The Dulkadir dynasty also gave many brides to the Ottoman dynasty. Emine Hatun, the daughter of Nasreddin Mehmed Bey, the fifth ruler of Dulkadiroğulları State, was Mehmed I's third consort, and thus the mother of Ottoman Sultan Murad II. Their marriage served as an alliance between the Ottomans and this buffer state. Their son Murad II is the ancestor of all succeeding Sultans. Similarly, Mükrime Hatun, the daughter of Süleyman Bey, the sixth ruler of Dulkadiroğulları State, was the third wife of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II. Moreover, Ayşe Hatun, the daughter of Alaüddevle Bozkurt, the eleventh ruler of the Dulkadir State, was the wife of Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II, and consequently the stepmother of Selim I.

List of rulers

  1. Zeyneddin Karaca Bey (1337-1353)[1]
  2. Garseddin Halil Bey (1353-1386)
  3. Şaban Süli Bey (Sevli Bey) 1386-1398)
  4. Sadaka Bey (1398-1399)
  5. Nasireddin Mehmed Bey (1399-1442)
  6. Dulkadiroğlu Süleyman Bey (1442-1454)
  7. Melik Arslan Bey (1454-1465)
  8. Şah Budak Bey (1465-1467)
  9. Şehsuvar Bey(1467-1472)
  10. Şah Budak Bey (second reign) (1472-1480)
  11. Alaüddevle Bozkurt Bey (1480-1515)
  12. Dulkadiroğlu Ali Bey (1515-1522)

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  1. ^ Yeni Rehber Ansiklopedisi, Türkiye Gazetesi, 1993 (Turkish)
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