Beach volleyball at the 1996 Summer Olympics

9th Volleyball Olympic Tournament
Atlanta 1996
Tournament details
Olympics 1996 Summer Olympics
Host nation  United States
City Atlanta
Duration July 20, 1996 (1996-07-20)
August 4, 1996 (1996-08-04)
Men's teams 12
Men's medals:
Gold medalists
Silver medalists
Bronze medalists
Women's teams 21
Women's medals:
Gold medalists
Silver medalists
Bronze medalists
1st Beach Volleyball Olympic Tournament
Atlanta 1996
Tournament details
City Atlanta
Duration July 23, 1996 (1996-07-23)
July 28, 1996 (1996-07-28)
Men's teams 24
Men's medals:
Gold medalists
United States
Silver medalists
United States
Bronze medalists
Women's teams 18
Women's medals:
Gold medalists
Silver medalists
Bronze medalists

Volleyball at the 1996 Summer Olympics featured Beach volleyball for the first time as an official Olympic sport.

Medal table

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Brazil 1 1 1 3
2 United States 1 1 0 2
3 Netherlands 1 0 0 1
Cuba 1 0 0 1
5 China 0 1 0 1
Italy 0 1 0 1
7 Australia 0 0 1 1
Canada 0 0 1 1
Yugoslavia 0 0 1 1

Medal summary

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's volleyball
 Netherlands (NED)
Peter Blangé
Guido Görtzen
Rob Grabert
Henk-Jan Held
Misha Latuhihin
Jan Posthuma
Brecht Rodenburg
Richard Schuil
Bas van de Goor
Mike van de Goor
Olof van der Meulen
Ron Zwerver
 Italy (ITA)
Lorenzo Bernardi
Vigor Bovolenta
Marco Bracci
Luca Cantagalli
Andrea Gardini
Andrea Giani
Pasquale Gravina
Marco Meoni
Samuele Papi
Andrea Sartoretti
Paolo Tofoli
Andrea Zorzi
 Yugoslavia (YUG)
Vladimir Batez
Dejan Brđović
Đorđe Đurić
Andrija Gerić
Nikola Grbić
Vladimir Grbić
Rajko Jokanović
Slobodan Kovač
Đula Mešter
Žarko Petrović
Željko Tanasković
Goran Vujević
Women's volleyball
 Cuba (CUB)
Taimaris Aguero
Regla Bell
Magaly Carvajal
Marlenis Costa
Ana Fernández
Mirka Francia
Idalmis Gato
Lilia Izquierdo
Mireya Luis
Raisa O'Farrill
Yumilka Ruíz
Regla Torres
 China (CHN)
Cui Yong-Mei
He Qi
Lai Yawen
Li Yan
Liu Xiaoning
Pan Wenli
Sun Yue
Wang Lina
Wang Yi
Wang Ziling
Wu Yongmei
Zhu Yunying
 Brazil (BRA)
Ida Alvares
Leila Barros
Ericléia Bodziak
Hilma Caldeira
Ana Paula Connelly
Márcia Cunha
Virna Dias
Ana Moser
Ana Flávia Sanglard
Hélia Souza
Sandra Suruagy
Fernanda Venturini
Men's beach
 Karch Kiraly
and Kent Steffes (USA)
 Michael Dodd
and Mike Whitmarsh (USA)
 John Child
and Mark Heese (CAN)
Women's beach
 Jackie Silva
and Sandra Pires (BRA)
 Mônica Rodrigues
and Adriana Samuel (BRA)
 Natalie Cook
and Kerri Pottharst (AUS)

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