RYTHEM discography

Rythem discography
Studio albums 3
Compilation albums 1
Singles 17
DVDs 2

This is the discography of Japanese pop duo Rythem.


Studio Albums

# Information
1st Utatane


2nd Mugen Factory


3rd 23

Compilation Albums

# Information
  • Released: August 19, 2009


# Information
1st Utatane no Me -VIDEO CLIPS 1-

ウタタネのメ -VIDEO CLIPS 1-

  • Released: August 18, 2004
  • Rank 175th on Oricon's DVD chart
2nd Mugen Movie -VIDEO CLIPS2-

夢現ムービー -VIDEO CLIPS2-

  • Released: June 21, 2006
  • Rank 192nd on Oricon's DVD chart


# Information
1st Harmonia


  • Released: May 21, 2003
  • From album: Utatane
  • Rank 29th on Oricon's single chart
2nd Tenkyu (New Summer Version)


  • Released: August 6, 2003
  • From album: Utatane
  • Rank 74th on Oricon's single chart
3rd Blue Sky Blue


  • Released: November 19, 2003
  • From album: Utatane
  • Rank 94th on Oricon's single chart
4th Hitoritabi Shararuran


  • Released: April 21, 2004
  • From album: Utatane
  • Rank 137th on Oricon's single chart
5th Mangekyō Kirakira


  • Released: May 26, 2004
  • From album: Utatane
  • Rank 13th on Oricon's single chart
6th Houki Gumo


  • Released: January 26, 2005
  • From album: Mugen Factory
  • Rank 12th on Oricon's single chart
7th Mikazuki Rhapsody


  • Released: August 24, 2005
  • From album: Mugen Factory
  • Rank 67th on Oricon's single chart
8th 20 Tsubu no Kokoro


  • Released: January 1, 2006
  • From album: Mugen Factory
  • Rank 63rd on Oricon's single chart
9th Kokoro Bīdama


  • Released: March 1, 2006
  • From album: Mugen Factory
  • Rank 53rd on Oricon's single chart
10th Negai


  • Released: April 26, 2006
  • From album: Mugen Factory
  • Rank 41st on Oricon's single chart
11th Sakura Uta


  • Released: February 28, 2007
  • Rank 42nd on Oricon's single chart
12th Hotarubi


  • Released: July 18, 2007
  • From album: 23
  • Rank 36th on Oricon's single chart
  • Released: October 10, 2007
  • Rank 52nd on Oricon's single chart
14th Bitter & Sweet
  • Released: November 17, 2007
  • From album: 23
  • Electronic single ONLY
15th Kubisuji Line


  • Released: February 20, 2008
  • From album: 23
  • Rank 24th on Oricon's single chart
16th Love Call/Akari no Arika

Love Call/あかりのありか

  • Released: July 23, 2008
  • From album: 23
  • Rank 30th on Oricon's single chart
17th Gyuttoshite

ぎゅっとして feat.常田真太郎(from スキマスイッチ)

  • Released: July 29, 2009
  • From album: N/A
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